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FanAir Company is both a manufacturer and supplier of all types of Industrial Air Moving Equipment and Systems.  We can furnish a complete system or simply a component to the system. We offer all types of Blowers, Fans, Intake Hoods, Ductwork, Filtration, Mist Eliminators, Dampers, Silencers, Sound Enclosures, Control Panels, Variable Speed Drives, Isolators and Flexible Duct Connectors.  We can design, build and ship one component or a complete turn-key system.

|   Industrial Fans, Blowers, Air Moving Equipment and Components:

Industrial Blowers and Fans.


High Capacity Industrial Blowers, of all types for Induced Draft, Forced Draft,  Dust Collection, Thermal Oxidizers, Odor and Fume Control Blowers available in a wide range of materials and design options.  High Pressure Blowers, Material Handling Blowers,  Forced Draft Blowers and Induced Draft Blowers.

Commercial Fans and General Industrial Blowers.


Commercial Fans and Blowers, Light Industrial Fans, General Industrial Blower packages, Roof Ventilators, Axial Fans, Inline Fans, Warehouse Ventilation Fans .  Smoke Exhaust Blowers, Welding Extraction Blowers, Duct Collection Blowers. Filtered Supply and Exhaust Blowers.

Fiberglass Blowers and Polyprophylene Blowers.


Industrial Fiberglass Blowers and Fans for Odor Control, Chemical Exhaust and Corrosive Airstream and Fume Exhaust Systems .

FRP Centrifugal, FRP Axial Fans, FRP Pressure Blowers. FRP Biofilter Fans, FRP Carbon Adsorption, FRP Scrubber Blowers.

Acoustic Sound Enclosures.


Fiberglass and Steel Complete Blower Acoustic Sound Enclosures, Custom designed and fabricated for Blowers, Compressors, Pumps and Turbines.   Available in Fiberglass, Steel, Stainless Steel.  Noise reduction capabilities  up to  -30 dBA at 5 Ft from Blower Housing Radiated Noise Level.

Industrial Dust Collectors, Baghouses and Fume Extraction


Heavy Duty Industrial Dust Collectors, Baghouses, Cartridge Collectors, Cyclone Separators, Fume Extractors, Vehicle Exhaust Systems, Portable Welding Smoke Extractors.

Fiberglass Inline Mist and Grease Eliminators.

Fiberglass In-Line Grease Trap and Demisting Filters, Blower Pre-Filters, Grease Filters, Mist Eliminators, Filter Cabinets.    Available in Single Stage and Two Stage Pre-Filtration for Odor Control Systems.

Sample Specifications for Engineers

Sample Specifications for Engineers

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Commercial Fans and Blowers

General Ventilation Fans and Blowers for Exhausting Fumes, Smoke, light dusts, Roof Ventilators, Supply Fans, Sidewall Fans, UL Rated Fans, Inline Blowers and Axial Design Fans.


Polypropylene Blowers


Blowers for Chemical and Acid Resistantancy, for Plating Operations, Lab Hoods, Fume Hoods, Acid Scrubbers, Fume Scrubbers and Carbon Adsorption, Biofilter Systems, Biotrickling Systems.


  • High Temperature Blowers and Plug Fans / Oven Fans up to 900 Deg. F.

  • High Pressure Blowers - Up to 60" WG or 120" WG using Blowers in Series.

  • Decarbonator Blower Packages with Filter Banks.
  • Custom Axial Fans - Swingout Design.

  • Flexible Duct Connectors / Expansion Joints for Blowers.

  • Air Filter Banks, Single and Two Stage Blower Filter Cabinets with HEPA Filters.

24/7 Full Service & Support

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales and support engineers for a custom solution on your project needs for any tpe of Industrial or Commercial Air Moving System.   Please feel free to Email us design specifications or drawings so we can provide you with a competitive scope and design proposal.