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Industrial Fan and Blower Silencers

FanAir Co designs and sells Industrial Fan and Blower Silencers for Municipal Odor Control Systems, Private Industry, Oil and Gas, Petroleum. Our extensive product offering and many years of combined experience in Industrial Noise Control is unmatched.

Blower Intake Silencers

Blower Inlet Silencers

Blower Silencers are designed to bolt directly to a Blower or Turbine inlet flange directly. The Silencer includes a silencing element, followed by a plenum section, with one or two removable plates to allow access to the bolts, and inlet screen. Options include 90 Deg Rain Hoods. Each Silencer is designed for uniform inlet flow at a minimum of air resistance.

Discharge Silencers for Blowers

Blower Discharge Silencers

Discharge silencers can be supplied with transitions from the Blower discharge flange to the silencer inlet. Transitions must expand at an angle not exceeding 15 Deg. on the fastest expanding side. Silencers are designed for a minimum of air resistance and a maximum of insertion loss.

Filter silencers

Blower inlet silencers can be supplied with various types of inlet filters when clean, these filters will add aprox .15" WG Resistance to the System. Filter elements are removable Filter options include Stainless Steel, Aluminum Washable type, High Capacity Pleat Type, Carbon Filters, Filter Pads or a combination of 2 Stage, Pre-Filter and Post-Filter.

Blower Filter Silencers

Inlet Box Silencers

Blower inlet box silencers designed to bolt directly to the blower inlet flange. This silencer includes a uniform airflow 'low loss' inlet box section, a low loss rectangular silencer section and typically followed by a 90 Deg Rain Hood, Filters or Rectangular duct section Access doors on the Inlet Box section are an option as well as custom height support legs to accommodate various Blower inlet centerline dimensions or Vibration Isolators.

Inlet Box Silencers for Blowers

Acoustic Sound Enclosures

Fiberglass Acoustic Sound Enclosures, Acoustic Sound Enclosures constructed in FRP for Blowers, Pumps, Compressors

General Industrial Fans

Roof Exhaust and Supply Fans, Spray Booth Fans, Enclosure Exhaust Fans additionally Mine and Tunnel ventilation Fans.