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FanAir Company

FanAir Company provides Industrial Blowers, Filtration Sound and Vibration control designed and built for the toughest environmental challenges.  We offer Blowers built for extreme conditions such as corrosive, chemical and high temperature. Fanair Co. can furnish Air Moving Equipment conforming with municipal - public works, military, aerospace, , international / metric standards, (ISO, ANSI, IEE) and local Uniform (UBC) building codes.

|   Industrial Air Moving Equipment

Industrial Blowers and Fans.


High Efficiency, Non-Overloading Backwardly Inclined Blowers are available in a wide range of materials and design options.

Commercial Fans.


Commercial Fans and Blowers, Light Industrial Fans, General Industrial Blower packages, Roof Ventilators, Axial Fans, Inline Fans, Warehouse Ventilation Fans .

Fiberglass Blowers.

Industrial Fiberglass Blowers and Fans for Odor Control, Chemical Exhaust and Corrosive Airstream and Fume Exhaust Systems .

FRP Centrifugal, FRP Axial Fans, FRP Pressure Blowers.

Acoustic Sound Enclosures.

As one of the most important parts in modern vehicles, Fabricator clutches are very popular among our individual and corporate customers.

Industrial Silencers.

Metal cables play a great role in communication, whether it is Internet or telephone connection. We are always ready to provide a variety of these products.

Air Filters, Pre-Filters, Filter



Stainless Steel, Fiberglass Blower Pre-Filters, Grease Filters, Mist Eliminators, Filter Cabinets. 

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Commercial Fans and Blowers


General Ventilation Fans and Blowers for Exhasting Fumes, Smoke, light dusts, Roof Ventilators, Supply Fans, Sidewall Fans, UL Rated Fans, Inline Blowers and Axial Design Fans.


Polypropylene Blowers

Chemical, Acid Resistant Blowers for Plating Operations, Lab Hoods, Fume Hoods, Acid Scrubbers, Fume Scrubbers and Carbon Adsorption.


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