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Air Systems Design, Engineering and Service

Industrial Blowers, Commercial Fans, Silencers, Sound Enclosures and Filters

Blower for Dust Collector

Built per plans, specifications.

  • ANSI and ISO Quality
  • Certifications for welding.
  • Material suppliers of USA Origin.
Stainless Vaneaxial Fans
Field testing

Field services and testing.

  • Air Flow Measurement.
  • Site Testing for Noise.
  • Vibration and Balancing Services.
Design, Analysis & Modeling
  • CAD Drawings
  • Shop Drawings
  • Construction details
FRP Blowers and Stacks
US manufactured

Quality FRP equipment

for demanding applications

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic is the # 1 choice for Acidic Airstreams.  Formulated Resins in Vinylester and Polyester when properly cured with a minimum of 2 Layers of Synthetic Surface Veil are virtually impervious to any concentration level of Acids, Caustics and Organics. Industrial FRP Scrubbers, Blowers and Ductwork is always specified for all Municipal Waster Water Treatment Air Pollution Control systems.   Fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks, ducting, piping is also very light weight and extremely strong.  

Industrial Blowers and Commercial Fans products

industrial blowers

FanAir Company can furnish any style of Industrial Fan, Blower, Roof Ventilator, Supply Fan, OEM Fan or Blower. We carry a broad line of dependable quality standard and custom blowers built in the US and designed to last.   We typically use only components and raw goods of US origin.

  • Our equipment is the most price competitive in the industry.
  • We know how to read and understand job specifications.
  • Our proposals are complete and detailed with Drawings.
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Industrial Air Moving Systems

FanAir Company can furnish all types of Industrial Air Moving Equipment from the Intake Hood to the Ductwork, to the Blower, to the Filtration System right to the Stack.  If your facility requires either a complete turn-key system or simply one component in the branch, we can build and install it.

  • Alliances with Licensed Contractors and Millwrights.
  • Fabrication to ANSI, ISO, IEEE, AMCA, and ASTM Standards
  • Designs that meet Uniform Building Code, AQMD and EPA.
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and Customized to your needs

FanAir Company business is geared towards our clients needs. Our number one goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We can meet demanding specification requirements and provide competitive proposals. Most of the projects are for Government, Military, and Municipal Projects. Take advantage of our our many combined years of experience in successfully dealing with design / build, plan and spec projects. Please give us a call to discuss how we may serve your next project.