Unique Air Moving Applications…

Large Industrial Fans used for Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel Air-Flow Modeling and Testing

Ground Support High Pressure Air Conditioning

Unique Applications for Industrial Air Moving Equipment

FanAir Company is often called upon for equipment or engineering inquiries for unusual applications, Ranging from special impeller designs for Hovercrafts, Indoor Skydiving, Pneumatic Lift and Hold Tables, Pneumatic Conveying Systems, and Special Effects for Motion Pictures, and Theme Parks

Airflow Testing, Modeling and Special Effects

FanAir Company has been selected in many instances for either consulting, equipment design or equipment supply in some unique applications for Air Moving Equipment or Systems.

Recent Custom and Special Projects Include:

  • Blowers for Formula One Racing Disk Brake Airflow Modeling.
  • Blowers for Aerospace Ground Support Air Conditioning systems.
  • Non-Turbulent Axial Flow Fans for Wind Tunnels.
  • Blowers and Duct / Plenum Connections for Indy and NASCAR Series Engine Testing.
  • Fans for Conditioned Spaces at Zoos and Marine Exhibits.
  • Exhaust Blowers for The Neptune Society.
  • Automotive garage / museum car collection ventilation system for the AAron Spelling Mansion, Beverly Hills, CA.
  • Designed the current Disneyland MK VII Monorail Air Conditioning system.
  • Blowers and Fans for Special Movie Effects, such as Snow Making and Wind Generating.