Noise and Vibration Reduction

Industrial Noise Control and Vibration Mounting Options

We offer many solutions to objectionable mechanical noise and vibration:

Blower Discharge Silencer

Industrial Silencers designed to Quiet Down that Blower

FanAir Company offers Industrial Fan and Blower Silencers tuned and designed to reduce the transmission of aerodynamic noise generated by Blower Wheels and Fan Impellers.   As Blowers and Fans generally operate at high rotational speed, noise will always be present as the fan blades spin to deliver a massive amount of airflow at a rated pressure.   FanAir Co offers a wide range of custom of Blower intake and discharge silencers and transitions.   Silencers are available in A36 Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Fiberglass “FRP”.

Flexible Blower to Duct Connectors designed to minimize vibration

When Vibration is Transmitted to Ductwork or Mounting Structures, Standard and Custom designed Flexible Blower and to Duct Connectors, are available and designed to minimize vibration energy transmitted between the Blower’s mounting to the duct or pipe system.    Flexible duct connectors are often a code requirement in critical ventilation systems such a hospitals that are designed to move with seismic activity.   In this case high movement ‘Arch” type Flexible Duct connectors are used that can allow up to to 10″ of axial movement.   Flexible Duct Connectors are also a requirement when a centrifugal Blower is mounted on spring or rubber type of isolators, vibration isolation rails or inertia bases.    Call or Email FanAir Company to discuss your application requirement for flexible duct connectors.
Industrial Blower Isolator

Spring or Rubber Type Isolator Mountings

Whenever Flexible Duct Connectors aka ‘Flex Connectors’ are used Spring or Rubber In Shear Vibration Isolation Mountings between the Blower, Pump or Compressor must be used.

Acoustic Sound Enclosure for Blower

Industrial Sound Enclosures

FanAir Co designs and builds custom Acoustic Noise Reducing Sound Enclosures for all types of centrifugal blowers.   Pictured is a Fiberglass Acoustic Sound Enclosure housing a Fiberglass Centrifugal Blower discharging Foul Air “H2S” Gas into an above ground Biological Filter.

Industrial Sound Enclosures

FanAir Steel Cabinet Enclosure for Lase Jet / Water Jet Compressors

Industrial Sound Enclosures

FanAir Acoustic Odor Control Blower Sound Enclosures with Split Housings, Access Doors and Roof Mounted Ventilators for Municipal Air Treatment Plant.