Chemical & Acid Resistant Blowers

Industrial Acid Resistant Blowers for Odor Control Systems, Plating Operations and Fume Scrubbers.

Plating Line Exhaust System

Chemical Resistant Blowers

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic – FRP Blowers designed and constructed for high resistance to Acids. Blowers are custom molded using hand lay-up and chopped strand methods. A “C” type surface Veil wetted with Vinylester resin is used for a glass smooth airstream.  Additional structural layers of cross linked fiberglass mat and/or chopped strand are added to make up structural corrosion barrier layers for additional strength and chemical resistance.

Acid Resistant Blower

Chemical Resistant Fans

Impellers are constructed typically using Vinylester Resin due to high strength and housings constructed using Fire Retardant resins and or antimony trioxide  to attain a Class I, E-84 Flame Spread rating of 25 or less, to satisfy UL, FM or local code requirements.  

Additionally Graphite may be mixed with resin and a copper bonding cable may be added to statically ground the blower assembly and prevent a static discharge. 

General Purpose Polypropylene Blowers

  • All Vinylester Construction.
  • Graphite Impregnation.
  • Surface Veil.
  • Mechanical Shaft Seals.
  • Stainless or Hastelloy C-276 Shafting.
  • Stanless Structurals and Guards.
  • Sound Insulation.
  • Stainless Impellers.
  • FRP Inlet Boxes.
  • FRP Dampers.
  • AMCA Tested and Rated.