Bearing Lubrication Procedure

Medium Duty Pillow-Blocks

This video covers correct method for lubricating pillow block bearings commonly found on Industrial Centrifugal Blowers.


These bearing are typically factory lubricated with a lithium or lithium
complex* base grease which is suitable for most applications.
However, extra protection is necessary if the bearing is subjected
to excessive moisture, dust, corrosive vapor or other harsh
environments. In these cases, the bearing should contain as
much grease as speed will permit (a full bearing with consequent
slight leakage through the seal is the best protection against
contaminant entry).
For re-lubrication, select a grease that is compatible with a
lithium or lithium complex* grease. The following table is a
general guide for normal operating conditions. However, some
situations may require a change in lubricating periods as dictated
by experience. Generally, a lower quantity of grease at frequent
intervals is more effective than a greater quantity at extended
lubrication intervals. Lubrication recommendations are intended
for standard products applied in general operating conditions.
For modified products, high temperature environments and other
anomalous applications, contact Dodge product engineering in
Greenville, SC.