Equipment Installations

The following are some previous instances of projects and equipment installations:

Blower Sound Enclosures

FanAir Company provided 3 Sets of 125HP Stainless Steel Odor Control Blowers furnished with 316SS Acoustic Blower Sound Enclosures to Sand Island Hawaii.

Bifurcated Fans, Bifurcator Blowers

FanAir Company furnished Nine Each, 28″ Diameter Direct Driven, Bifurcated design Industrial Blowers with Intake Plenums used for FDA Test Laboratory Exhaust Systems.

Multi Stage Blower Sound Enclosure

FanAir Company designed and constructed a custom acoustic Fiberglass Sound Enclosure for a Multi-Stage, High Pressure Aeration Blower for a Water Treatment Facility in Santa Cruz, CA

Fiberglass Acoustic Sound Enclosure

FanAir Co FRP Blower Acoustic Sound Enclosure for an FRP Centrifugal Odor Control Blower installed on an above Ground Biofilter.

Pressure Blower Sound Enclosure

FanAir Co Galvanized Steel Acoustic Sound Enclosures for High Pressure Blowers for Carbon Adsorption Systems.

18 Each, Arch Type High Movement EPDM Flexible Duct Connectors for Aeration Blowers on a Composting Facility.