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RADIOACTIVE and TOXIC SMOKE – Rocketdyne Simi Valley

RADIOACTIVE and TOXIC SMOKE. The Simi Valley, Santa Susana facility at Aerojet / Rocketdyne, now owned by Boeing and Pratt Whitney. We had to do a tear down of a Special Industrial High Pressure Blower for a Laser Research Lab, 20 Years ago.

The whole facility just burned to the ground yesterday, 11-11-2018, from the Wolsey / Malibu/ Calabasis Fire of November 2018.
During our service call, no sign had indicated that the whole site was Radioactive. It was obvious the whole site, area is / was a Toxic Chemical Storage Dumping ground for all kinds of old stored and dumped Aerospace fuels, solvents, fluids, and lubricants.
The reason we were there? The Inspector said there was some welding ‘slag’ (metal spray caused by welding) inside the Blower casing, they were concerned that some of the slag might come lose contaminating their laser cooling system. A small bit of nit picking by a Chief inspector working among an old Radioactive and Chemical Toxic Swamp.
This Wolsey Fire May have potentially released burned materials containing contaminated materials into the atmosphere. An investigation is currently being conducted.

Industrial Pressure Blower

Direct Drive 100 HP Blower at Rocketdyne

High Pressure Blower for Laser Aerospace Research at Rocketdyne, Santa Susana, Simi Valley California. Vintage Photo c1984

Blower Disassembly and Repair

Stainless Steel, High Pressure Blower Impeller

Laser Aerospace Research at Rocketdyne, Santa Susana, Simi Valley California. Vintage Photo c1984

Massive Woolsey Fire Began On Contaminated Santa Susana Field Laboratory, Close to Site of Partial Meltdown

Nov 12, 2018

Electric Substation at SSFL Tripped 2 Minutes Before Fire Reported

For Immediate Release: November 12, 2018

Contact: Denise Duffield, 310-339-9676 or, Melissa Bumstead 818-298-3192 or, Dan Hirsch, 831-336-8003 or

The tremendously destructive Woolsey Fire has been widely reported as beginning “near” the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL or Rocketdyne), but it appears that the fire began on the Rocketdyne property itself. Cal Fire identifies the fire location as E Street and Alfa Road, a location that is in fact on SSFL. It was recently reported that the “Chatsworth electric substation” experienced a disturbance 2 minutes before the fire was reported, but that substation is in fact on SSFL, near that location. A photograph posted on Twitter from KCAL9’s Stu Mundel shows the fire starting Thursday afternoon near the same location, which is only about 1,000 yards away from the site of the 1959 partial nuclear meltdown of the Sodium Reactor Experiment (SRE) reactor.

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