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Polypropylene Blowers

Acid Resistant Polypropylene Blowers

Chemical, Acid Resistant Blowers for Plating Operations, Lab Hoods, Fume Hoods, Acid Scrubbers, Fume Scrubbers and Carbon Adsorption.

Fume Hood Exhaust Blowers
Polypropylene Centrifugal

High Efficiency, Quiet and Capable of Operating Pressures up to 10" SP-WG. Belt Drive or Direct Drive,

Acid Scrubber Blower
Polypropylene Industrial Centrifugal

Acid Resistant Centrifugal Fume Exhaust Blowers.


Graphite Impregnation.
Shaft Seals.
Stainless Shafting.
Powder Coated external steel surfaces.
Drain port.
Dampers options.
Choice of rotation and discharge position.
Heavy duty pillow-block grease lubricated bearings.
Belt driven or direct driven.
VFD (Inverter) ready.
Choice of standard or special motors,
Duct transitions.
Flexible duct connectors.
Vibration Isolators - Spring or Rubber.


Canopy Hoods.
Lab Fume Hoods.
Fume Scrubbers.
Air Stripping Towers.
Acid Scrubbers.
Plating Scrubbers.
Pump / Lift Station Exhaust.
Nitric Acid Exhaust.
Metals Processing Exhaust.
Chlorine Scrubber Exhaust.
Sulfur Dioxide.
Hydrogen Sulfide.
Sodium Hypochlorite.

Superior design and manufacturing capabilities.

TEXEL Polypropylene Blowers are the finest quality blowers available for the efficient movement of corrosive, humid, or polluted air, gases, and fumes. These fire-retardant and corrosion-resistant plastic fans are specifically designed and especially suited for hostile applications where coated metal blowers typically corrode. TEXEL Blowers are recognized for superior quality, reliability, and efficiency. TEXEL uses of thermoplastic compounds for corrosion-resistant chemically saturated airstream.

chemical resistance chart for

polypropylene material

Fiberglass Blowers
FRP Blowers

Fiberglass Fans and Blowers, Centrifugal FRP Blowers, FRP Axial Fans, FRP Radial Blowers.

Combustion Air Blowers, Forced Draft Blowers

Induced Draft Blowers, Environmental Test Chamber Blowers, Process Duty Blowers, Special Alloy Blowers, Paper Mill Blowers.