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Industrial Fans and Blowers


Heavy Duty AMCA Certified Industrial Blowers

Centrifugal Blowers for Fumes, Dust and Filtration systems

Airfoil and Backward inclined Blowers, Industrial Blowers for supply and foul air exhaust systems, odors, fumes, smoke, gas, vapors, and high temperature exhaust to 900F. Blowers designed for harsh airstream conditions and constructed in wide variety of materials such as Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, RA 330, Inconell and chemical resistant coatings.

Industrial Forward Curved Squirrell Cage Centrifugal Blowers

Forward Curved

Forward Curved Blowers, for General supply and exhaust Air Blowers and fumes, smoke, gas, vapors, and high temperature control and exhaust to 1000F. Most Forward Curved Industrial Blowers operate at slow speed are very quiet and efficient, compact and cost effective. Forward Curved Blowers available with custom options and features such as High Temperature construction, Insulated Housings and Double Width Double Inlet Design..

Radial Tip Blowers

Material Handling

Blowers using Radial Blade or Radial Tipped wheel design, for applications involving Exhaust air which may contain particulate, such as saw dust, dirt, sand, metal fillings and suitably constructed for harsh airstream conditions for Mining Operations, Saw Mills, Materials Conveyiong and Recycling. These Blowers are best suited for systems requiring high velocity for material conveying. Abrasion resistant Blower blades and scroll liners are available.

High Pressure Blowers

Pressure Blowers

High Pressure Blowers. Blower applications for low flow and high pressure, supply and exhaust air, suited for air stream which may contain fumes, gas, heat or vapors. These Blowers are excellent in use for combustion air, vapor extraction, vapor recovery, land fill gas extraction, carbon adsorption, venturi scrubbers, pneumatic conveying and air knife systems.

Recirculation Plug Fans, Oven Fans

Plug Fans

Plug and Plenum Fans for Heat Recirculation Applications: Powder Booths, Ovens, Autoclaves. For re-circulation and thermal uniformity in ovens, furnaces, heat treating and coating process. Suitable for high temperatures to 1000F. Available with insulated and non insulated plug panels. Impellers are typically Backward Inclined or Forward Curved which are quiet and efficient. Special custom designs per application are also available.

Tubular Centrifugal Blowers, Inline Centrifugal Fans

Tubular Centrifugal

Inline Centrifugal Blowers; BI and AF Heavy duty industrial solid welded Inline Centrifugal fans incorporating high efficiency - quiet non-overloading backward inclined and airfoil impellers. Inline centrifugals have the advantages of high flow and pressure capabilities while utilizing centrifugal impellers and having a space saving inline configuration. Both belt drive and direct drive models are available and all fans are suited for horizontal or vertical mounting.

Centrifugal Blower with Inlet Box

Single Stage Blowers

Single Stage Pressure Blowers for Combustion, Heat Exchangers, Aeration, Pneumatic Conveying, Burners, Landfill Gas Recovery, Carbon Adsorption, Fluidised bed dryers, Air Lift Systems, Venturi Scrubbers, Catalytic converters, Thermal Oxidizers, Blown Film Air Ring, Dry Off Systems

High Pressure Blowers

Material Handling Blowers

Radial Blowers for Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Paper Trim Blowers, Wood Chip Blowers, Blowers with Impellers reinforced, gusseted and abrasion resistant for handing solids, such as wood, paper scrap metal, rubber trim, plastic regrind, bulk powder, agricultural waste materials, malt, seeds, and grain.

Airfoil Blower

Airfoil Blowers

High Volume Blowers. Quiet and Efficient High Capacity Centrifugal Blowers, using Non Overloading, Power Limiting Impellers, Typically used for Return Air Systems, Make-Up Air Systems, Filtered supply, or Emergency Exhaust Systems. AF Blowers are excellent for exhausting carbon monoxide, welding smoke, organic compounds, or in vapor recovery systems.

Industrial Fans and Blowers

Forced Draft Blowers Dust Collector Blowers
Induced Draft Blowers High Temperature Blowers
Blowers for Thermal Oxidizers Plug and Plenum Blowers
Combustion Air Blowers Recirculation Oven Fans
Spray Booth Fans
Fiberglass Fans and Blowers
Silencers, Expansion Joints
Fan Components

Flexible Duct Expansion joints, AC-VS Drives, Control Panels, Silencers, Sound Enclosures, Ductwork, Custom Fabrications.

Exhaust Fans Supply Fans
Commercial Fans

Roof Exhausters, Filtered Supply Fans, Warehouse Ventilation, Spray Booth Fans, Blowers for Clean Rooms, Make Up Air Fans.