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Industrial Blower Pre-Filters for Odor Control Systems

FanAir Co designs and manufacturers Industrial Fiberglass Blower Multi-Stage Intake Pre-Filters for Municipal Odor Control Systems.

Design Applications for Grease Trap Pre-Filters

In wet well sewer pumping and lift stations Odors from Hydrogen Sulfide Gas must be treated by means of Fume Scrubbing, Carbon Adsorption or BioFitration Methods. The Airstream may also be contaminated with Grease, Dirt, Sludge and other by products of manufacturing such as Fibers, Lint, Plastic, Paper, Cotton or Polyester Fibers. These materials can prematurely foul the Media Bed of the Fume Scrubbing process. Additionally these materials have the potential to build up on an Odor Control Blower's Impeller causing the Blower wheel to go out of balance by material sticking to the rotor. The FanAir Grease Trap Filters can remove 99% of any airborne materials that are pulled into the Odor Control system.

Fiberglass Grease Trap Filter, Blower Pre-Filter

Benefits of FRP Pre-Filters

Benefits of the FanAir Co. Grease Trap Pre-Filters Include: • They extend the life and service of the Blower and the Odor Control System. • They keep Sludge from Building up on the Blower Wheels / Impellers. • The Filters are cheap and are 'sacrificial' compared to repairing replacing Blower Impellers, Bearings and Shafts. • Abrasion to the FRP Blower Airstream Surface C-Veil is kept to a Minimum, thus extending life of the Blower. • Pre-Filters Prevents Fouling of Scrubber Packing Media, Carbon Media or Biofilter Media.

Fiberglass Sludge Filter

Fiberglass Inline Pre-Filters

FRP Grease Filters, custom engineered and constructed with varying airstream conditions taken under consideration. Filter Housing Centerlines Designed to match the system duct centerlines, smooth uniform low loss transitions designed to keep Filter Differential Pressure loss to a minimum.

FRP Grease Trap Constriction

Inline Grease Trap Pre-Filters for Odor Control Blowers, constructed in Corrosion Resistant Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, using 1 or 2 layers of Surface C-Veil and Fire Retardant Vinylester Resin and Fiberglass Matt and Roving, typically Spray up construction, with Flanges, Filters, Filter Access Doors, Drain and Support Legs. All Grease Trap Filters are furnished with Differential Pressure Filter Gages, FRP sample port fittings, Stainless Ball Valves, Stainless Tubing and Stainless Hardware.

Blower Filter Silencers

Capacity from 200 to 40,000 CFM

Please feel free to call or Email us with any specification requirements. We have standard and custom designed Filter Housings with numerous options for Flow Capacity, Flange Sizes, Transitions and various Filter types in both single and two stage filter options.

FRP Inline Filters

Acoustic Sound Enclosures

Fiberglass Acoustic Sound Enclosures, Acoustic Sound Enclosures constructed in FRP for Blowers, Pumps, Compressors

General Industrial Fans

Roof Exhaust and Supply Fans, Spray Booth Fans, Enclosure Exhaust Fans additionally Mine and Tunnel ventilation Fans.