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Flexible Blower and Duct Expansion Joints

Fan and blower system accessories - Expansion joints, Flexible Duct Connectors

NAVY Flexible Duct Connectors
NAVY TYPE FAN - BLOWER EXPANSION JOINTS: Special Neoprene Molded Flexible Connectors with Integral Molded Flanges and 304SS Backing Bars furnished by FanAir to US Navy. Joints per US MIL-R-5855 specifications. Connectors allow expansion and vibration dampening between VaneAxial and Centrifugal Fans and duct system on Navy Ship.
Navy Fan Models:A1/4 , A1/2, A1, A, A2, A2 ½, A3, A3 ½, A4, A4 ½. A5, A6, A7, A8, A10, A11, A12, A16, A17, A20, A25, A28, A30.
Navy Fan Models: A101 A102 A103 A104 A105
Navy Fan Models: CC1/4, CC1/2, CC1, CC1-1/2, CC2, CC3, CC4, CC5, CC6, CC8, CC10.
Navy Fan Connectors are Integrally flanged non-metallic connectors and manufactured using 3/16" thick polyester fabric reinforced neoprene MIL-R- 6855, Class 2, 40 Durometer. The Navy Fan Connectors can be manufactured in U-Type or Arch-Type configurations depending upon application requirements.
Blower Expansion Joint with Arch

U-Type, are integrally flanged non-metallic connector is found in most fan and blower applications where standard movements are required and where vibration and sound absorption is needed.  Arch-Type, are integrally flanged non-metallic connector and found in applications where large movements and short overall lengths are required. W- Type is designed with a high profile molded arch, giving it exceptional movement capabilities and are integrally flanged non-metallic connector is found in applications where large movements are required.  W type are designed with a molded radius allowing for maximum movement capability.
Flexible Duct Connector for Blower, Blower Expansion Joint
EPDM Flexible Expansion Joint for Blower
EPDM Expansion Joint
Large 80" Diameter "Foul Air" Duct Flexible Duct Expansion Joint Furnished in EPDM for Municipal Water Treatment Plant
Acid Resistant Polypropylene blowers
polypropylene Blowers

Acid Resistant Polypropylene Centrifugal Blowers for Circuit Board Shops, Plating Shops, Lab Hoods and Fume Scrubbers

Commercial Fans
Commercial Fans

Roof Exhaust and Supply Fans, Spray Booth Fans, Utility Blowers, Tunnel Ventilation Fans.