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Important Design Elements for Blowers and Fans and Air Systems

Industrial Air System Application and Design Information.

fan details

Common Terminology for Centrifugal Blowers and Axial Fans. Main components and parts breakdown.

Fan IOM and Safety

Installation and Operation Safety Manual for Industrial Blowers and Fans.

Duct - air friction

Friction loss chart / graph for air friction loss for ductwork duct elbows, transitions and fittings.

Fan Laws

Technical Data on the Affinity Laws, effects on Airflow, Pressure and Speed or Power.

Plating Operation

Guide to Air Flow Sizing for Ventilation Rates for Plating, Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing.

rotation and discharge

Available Blower Rotation and Discharge and Motor Positions.

Ventilation rates

Guide for ventilation rates for various operations, such as Warehouses, Boiler Rooms, Machine Shops.


Types and technical descriptions of NEMA Rated Enclosures.

Blower accessories and components
Fan Components

Flexible Duct Expansion Joints, AC-VS Drives, Motor Control Panels, Filter Cabinets, Dampers, Custom Fabrications.

High Pressure Blowers, Dust Collector Blowers
Industrial Blowers

Material Handling Blowers, High Pressure Blowers, High Temp Blowers, Stainless Steel Blowers, Plug Fans,Inline Centrifugal.